Shanaya Khan, Fitness, Age, Wiki, Family, Height, Husband, Boyfriend, Biography & More

Shanaya Khan is making big splashes in the entertainment, fashion and Lifestyle scene.

Shanaya Khan is a famous Indian Instagram Star, Style blogger, YouTuber and social media Influencer. She was amongst few quick to catch the tiktok wave. The doyen became a nationwide sensation for her beauty, Grace style and personality. Before making her mark with reels, Shanaya had 5.7M followers and 169.5M likes on TikTok before the ban. Top brands are lining up to work with Shanaya, owing to her social media stardom.

Shanaya Khan has over 1M followers on Instagram. On average, the Instagram page receives 36.5 k likes, 272 comments and a reach of 867.8K. The entertainer has won many hearts with her lip-sync videos, dance performances and funny skits. Moreover the fashionista shares posts adorning mesmerizing outfits and accessories. Shanaya often creates social media content with her husband Masroor Chougle. Reals bring an average 339.1K views, while videos get 351.9K. Shanaya’s marriage versus dating video with Masroor became a massive hit with the audience earning 2.9M views, 178K likes and 440 comments. Besides Instagram, Shanaya is active on Snapchat and YouTube.