Bio for instagram for girl

Here are some ideas for an Instagram bio for a girl:

1) Beloved Daughter of Papa 👸

Mom's Precious One 😀

Devotee of Mahakal 💪

Admiring the Indian Army 😌

Proudly Embracing Hinduism ✌

Always Exuding Simplicity and Elegance 😜

Celebrating Cake Murder on January 12 🎂

2) ❣️Miss ♥️name♥️

🎂October 13 🎂

📸Photography Enthusiast 📸

😎Confident Girl 😎

😜Feisty and Stubborn 😜

❤️Lovely ❤️

😝Playfully Mischievous 😝

3)💕Angle Is My Nickname, You Know 😎

🔪Cake Assassin on April 26 🎊🎉

😘Simple and Sweet😍

📲I'm a Lover of iPhones📲📲❤

Fanatic of Virat Kohli 😍😍

4)❤Selfie Queen ❤

👉Mom and Dad's Girl👈

❤️Avid Shopper ❤️

😎Attitude Holds Great Importance💯

🎂December 4th 🎂


5)Drama Queen 😝

Super Girl 😜

Independent Lady 😉

Chocolates 😍 My Favorite Treat 🍫

Confidently Holding an Attitude Towards Those👇

Whom I Dislike 😡

Blowing Candles on August 17 🎂

6)🔥Bold Girl🙇‍♀️

❤Stubborn Girl❤

⚡Music Lover⚡

💘Touch My Boyfriend, and It'll Be Your Last Day on Earth🌍