Aliya Hamidi, Fitness, Age, Wiki, Family, Height, Husband, Boyfriend, Biography & More

Aliya Hamidi is a famous social media influencer whose creative short videos and stunning images have become a craze on the platform. She is an artist and her creative ideas make her videos unique.

Aliya Hamidi is a multi-talented woman. She is a mind-blowing video creator, a good actress, and has flawless makeup skills. Her videos are short and entertaining and this is the reason why she receives tons of appreciation from her audience. She also has a Youtube channel for which she received a silver button for reaching 100,000 subscribers a few months ago. Her high-quality content has won her appreciation worldwide. She has also acted in several musical videos. The official music video of “Faqeer” by Goldboy starring Angad Hasija and Aliya Hamidi, released on YouTube a few months ago has received more than 2 million views and 29k likes from the viewers.

The gorgeous woman has 1.2M followers on Instagram with an engagement rate of 1.08%. Her funny video on how siblings fight for food during Ramadan iftar received 279k likes and 1351 comments. Additionally, she has great taste in fashion. Her stylish clothes with trendy accessories make the pics look fabulous. Recently she shared a photo of herself from Phuket, Thailand, and the post received 6737 likes and 114 comments. Additionally, her average interaction per post is 12.88k likes and 144 comments!